Ir Ch Double Trouble of Lislone J.W
(Ch Bethrob Bracken x Milees Sweet Charity)
Total Hip Score  18

 10/9/82 -  1990

           Django taken at 12 months old              Photo Crawford

This is an oil by Louisa Nally

Django came to the Lislone kennel in Northern Ireland in late 1982 and was from the first a real comedian and the most disobedient dog I have ever owned. He could just look over his shoulder ( with a smile) and continue to do his own thing!  He gained his Junior Warrant at 13 months. We had to change his handlers, rotating between my two daughters, myself and a friend as he would get bored and decide that he wouldn't show for his handler on any particular day. When he got a change of handler he was on his toes again! I think he knew he was in control!
Working with him in the field was also nervewracking. He could go straight out and straight back -- or he could take the bird for a tour of the country and a relief stop or two before returning it to hand. The bird was never damaged no matter what route he took.
Django won 9 Green Stars and finally his working qualification ( at a Field Trial in Ireland on Snipe of all things). He also won a CC under UK Kennel Club rules. He produced Green Star winners and had successful progeny in Ireland and abroad. He was the sire of Lislone Dawn Damask who was the dam of three Champions ( one in Finland, one in the UK and one in Ireland) and a Junior Warrant winner. Sadly he died from cancer of the liver at seven and a half years. I was devestated.  My lovely comedian was gone.
 A very bright light turned out too soon. He will never be forgotten.
 A real bright star.

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Ir Ch Double Trouble of Lislone