Photo Gallery 2
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Lislone Garbank Meant To Be at Westlow
                                                                                              Photo  Des Glyn
Cooper taken at 6 and a half months winning BPIB at Combined Canine Int. Ch. Sh.

 Port.Ch. Garbank Lislone Marquis

1984--Junior handling...2nd prize.!!!!!
Photo  Crawford

Sarah ,my grand-daughter, feeding first solid feed to baby puppies....
raw mince meat

John and Cameron in for a swim at Martha's Vineyard.
Click  See Cameron at 11 weeks old swimming for first time


 Below are 2 photos of  Dusty and Kody (sister to Multi Ch G.L. Jackpot)
 Dusty on right and Kody on left. Both age 13 and a half years old.
Dusty had to have Frazer Bear out with him. He refused to leave it behind.
It really belongs to any litter of pups we have.
It is much loved by all our bitches and Dusty.
they give so much pleasure

Below is Dominic getting ready
 for his journey to Serbia to his new mum, Ana.



Dominic watching TV with Angelina his friend at his new mum's home.

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