suggestions on weaning pups
Hints on weaning puppies.
                           WEANING PUPPIES SHEET
When pups are 3 (three) week old  worm with  Drontal puppy wormer from vet.  WORM EVERY 10 DAYS until they leave. When worming the pups , please remember to WORM the bitch at same time as she will just pass on worms to pups otherwise. Worm bitch with adult wormer…..Drontal. Also worm bitch when pups go. We recommend that you worm puppies about an hour after feeding we feel that it is easier on their tummies.

Start to feed them with  One feed a day of good quality puppy  all in one food  ( Suggest CSJ Puppy )
Steep puppy food well  and either mash or use a hand blender to a thick cream before offering to pups. Add two spoonfuls of  Hyperdrug Puppy Milk powder  and a little hot water  OR  some Goats milk  before you offer to pups. They tend to like their food  quite warm.
 (If you add milk powder while steeping food the food will not soften as it does not take up the fluids for some reason.)
Give two feeds the following day and then three and four on following days.
There is no point in giving your bitch any more milk to drink now. Put  bitch in with pups after every feed and let them feed from her. Supply them and bitch with fresh water to drink at all times..

Suggested foods       Prices in this are out of date.
CSJ  dog food,  Royal Canine
 There are two Puppy feed grades. We use the one Command Performance  CP 27  puppy food at £30+ from 3 to 7 weeks
go to link   http://www.csjk9.com/productcart/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=5  This puppy food is 27% protein and 16% oil
 then at 7/8 weeks we put them on the cheaper puppy in this range which is £12+. This is 26% protein  with 11% oil content and the cheaper one is 26% protein and a slightly lower fat content.
 This is a very palatable food and we have found that the dogs on the adult digest more of their food and less passes through them. It has no colourants or preservatives added.
 There are two Puppy feed grades. We use the one at £32+  for 15 kilos from 3 to 7 weeks then put them on the cheaper puppy in this range which is £13 for 15 kilos. The first is 27% protein and the cheaper one is 26% protein and a slightly lower fat content. This is a very palatable food and we have found that the dogs on the adult digest more of their food and less passes through them.

CJS  Natural  little Champ Puppy food.  26% protein 11% oil
Go to following link
  When puppy is 6 months old you could change to their adult food  Natural  Champ  
which is a great food  and they can stay on this food  (£10.75 per 15 kilo bag)   
CJS will deliver to your home if there is not a distributor in your area. It is not sold in shops.
Try here for  nearest distributor    http://wwhttp://www.csjk9.com/stockists/w.csjk9.com/productcart/pc/catalog/p_champ_t.jpg
To begin with mash well steeped puppy food with a potato masher or  better still with an electric hand held whisk to a thick creamy  consistency ... (This can stop at 4-5 weeks as they will be big enough to eat pup food steeped soft but not mashed by then. )

Increase feeds by one feed a day until four feeds a day at 3 weeks and    four days old.
Take bitch away from pups for at least One hour before feeding pups. Then put straight back after pups are fed. Use VERY shallow dish to feed pups  to begin with.   E.g.  Lid of Pyrex casserole or swiss roll tin .As they grow you can make a very effective puppy feeder for a large litter from a piece of  Roof Guttering with end pieces added and the brackets will help it stand if placed at either end. Half a length is sufficient for ten pups. Feeding together makes them competitive and the eat better. Also a roasting pan or two is also quite good as they get bigger.

At 6 to 7 weeks Tell new owners well in advance what food you feed the puppies so that they have time to get some. Mix this with a tablespoon tinned meat made into a soup mashed in hot water and mixed with their feed~ just to taste if they are slow to eat. (A bit like putting a scrape of butter on bread to make it tasty) if puppy is a bit picky eating when it leaves the litter.

CSJ is our preferred food. It meets all the requirements for a growing pup. At 6 months change to CSJ adult
 Champ 20   % protein. Puppy may prefer his food dry after a time. This is fine but make sure there is plenty of water available at all times.
You can also use Royal Canine or a good quality food that is NOT above 24/26% protein.as long as you keep the protein level to 20 to 26%. It still has to be steeped to make it soft for puppy. He will be able to take it with a little less soaking when he is a little bigger. Puppy may prefer it dry when he gets to 3 or 4 months. Always look at the protein level in the food you feed your dog. Too high and he will be a bit hyper and perhaps grow faster but this is detrimental to his bones and can have a very bad effect on his hips.
Puppies will grow to the height deemed by their genes. Bitches will be roughly 20 to 22 inches and dogs from 22 and a half to 24 inches at withers. At about 5 months change your puppy to food that is approx 20% protein. This is imortant and also it is

NB  Do not give pups ordinary milk to drink. It is not rich enough in fat and may give pups the runs which will set them back. They will get milk from their mum. If you have to supplement with milk use Whelpi or you can get an excellent specialised milk from Canine Chemists /Hyperdrugs own brand which is considerably cheaper and is excellent for rearing puppies. Give bitch some  warm milk to drink while she is  whelping pups ( Roughly after every 2 pups are born.) and while feeding the litter until they can feed from dish themselves. This is what we use. Look up in their web site. This too will be delivered to your door....I do recommend it.  We do bottle feed twice a day if it is a very big litter~ 9 or above~ just to give the mum a wee break and make sure none are being pushed out if there are  bigger ones. For this we use a baby's Advent bottle with a multi hole teat even from birth they are happy with this.
Sometimes a very small pup has to be hand reared and when this happens please get a vet check before pup leaves to make sure all is OK before passing on to new owners.

*****Hints from experience.****

It is a good idea to give new owners some food for puppy for at least a week. Give a diet sheet when they pay a deposit for pup.

When people book pups they should pay a deposit. Then you will not have them change their mind for one that someone else has that may be ready sooner. Paying a deposit will make them think of the seriousness of wanting a pup in the first place.
Let them pick in order of paying deposit. Make this plain to them. Try to take deposits in order that they booked…first booked gets first pick and so on ..
Picking puppies younger than 7 to 8 weeks is not advised as they change so much new owner will not recognise unless colour is obviously lighter or darker than others.

If Tattooing puppies before they leave do not send registrations away before tattooing as you can then put tattoo number on registration form to Kennel Club free  Tattooing is our recommended method for identification. You can clearly see it and it does not need a reader. It is registered with National Tattoo register for life. It only takes 3 seconds to do. It is better than a microchip which can migrate, shatter and needs a reader of correct make to read. Tattooing is not done as it is with humans so is not a long process. A little like piercing your ear. Over in three seconds as I have said above.

This is our diet sheet others may differ.

Garbank/Lislone Golden Retrievers
Please read carefully

Your puppy has been fed on CSJ  Natural Premium Puppy  3 to 7 weeks. This food has a protein of 27%. The pup is “programmed “ by its genes to grow to its size but too fast growth is not beneficial as it does not give time for  density of the bones and can contribute to hip dysplasia. It has been proven that lowering the protein content in the pups food is beneficial to it.
It is NOW changed to CJS natural Little Champ which is 26% protein and costs around £9.50 to £10 for 15 kilos which will feed your puppy for a considerable time and worth buying by the 15 kilo bag which they will deliver to your door. You must order it a week at least before you will need it  to be sure it arrives before your stock is finished as a change in food will give puppy the RUNS

Please increase the quantity of its meals weekly. Pups should be well bodied ( but not fat) and not too thin.

Your puppy has been fed on Please~ Feed as below Chum Professional Puppy food  and

8 a.m.  One tea cup of CJS steeped in boiling water for 10 mins and stirred round a bit to break up. Puppy likes food quite HOT and not cold.If it does not finish food you can mix it in with the next feed or heat it up in micro making sure it is well stirred and will not burn puppys mouth.Add a little water if you do this.
(As puppy gets older it will want it larger and not steeped for so long. Eventually when 6 months it may take it whole with just a little water (half a cup poured over it. ) A teaspoon cooking oil can be put in its food at
6 months for its coat.)
1 pm. As above in red.

6 pm. As above.

10 pm As above

***. PLEASE do not change food about as you will set your pup back by giving it the runs. If this happens you must not give milky food but must just give water and do not feed for 24 hours. Then start gently with scrambled egg mixed  with rice or a slice of bread mixed in. Pups/dogs do not need changes of food like humans and their tummies are easily upset..

*** Give your pup space and quiet to eat. They are easily distracted so do leave alone to feed when small.
Puppy Diet Sheet continued

A)   Steep the Dog food for 10 mins in hot water before feeding. It may be given dry when puppy is older if he/she likes it that way but always make sure water is available.

   ***  When your puppy is 12 weeks old decrease his feeds to THREE feeds a day, increasing the amount of each feed.
   ***  When 6 months decrease feeds to TWICE A DAY, again increasing the amount.
   ***  When your puppy is 1 year old it should be on ONE feed a day.. Approx one and a half to two pint measures.

Please REMEMBER TO  Increase your puppy's food as it grows.
DO NOT HESITATE to ring me if you need advice or to let me know how your puppy is doing.

NOTE   Do not let your Vet change the pups food to one he keeps. Goldens are a fast growing breed and you MUST not give a high protein food after 7 (seven) weeks old. 24% protein is adequate.
This is from research in Scandinavia,Europe, USA, Australia that slower growing of large breeds and will help to improve the hip status of the dog.   They will still grow to the same size.They are programmed by their genes.

Ask him to Phone Kate/Jim Crosbie if he disagrees -on 01461 206936.

***If you need to clean your dog's teeth when he gets a little older get FRAGARIA from a homeopathic health shop and crush two tablets and put inside lip of dog twice a day for a month. This will dissolve the tartar. It saves your dog from an anesthetic and also a vet bill.

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