History and Background
Garbank was first registered as an affix by Jim Crosbie in 1970. In 1994 it became the joint affix of Jim and Kate Crosbie. At the same time the affix Lislone, previously Kate's sole property, as Kate Black, became also the joint affix of Jim and Kate. Both affixes are now used with the order in which they are put normally depending upon the origins of the dam of the litter. For example Finnish Ch Lislone Garbank Laplander is out of a Lislone bitch and German,VDH and Netherlands Ch Garbank Lislone Jackpot is out of a Garbank bitch. The affix Garbank came from the then family home "Grougarbank" in the Ayrshire village of Mauchline. The Garbank logo on this web-site shows the thistle to indicate the affix's Scottish origins. Similarly the Lislone logo shows the shamrock to indicate the affix's Irish origins. The backgrounds are a blend of the two. Thanks, Sallie, for your help and expertise.
Prior to the registration of the Garbank affix Jim had an interest in Goldens as pets only, neither showing nor breeding. The first, Knight of Brambletyne was in the late 1950's, followed in the early 1960's by a bitch Gannochy Actress ( Ch Camrose Fantango - Ch Camrose Loretta). The foundation bitch of the Garbank Kennel was Jasmine of Dowally (Weyland Dougal - Sheba of Dowally). She was we are told born in a cave created by the roots of a fallen tree in the Perthshire hills after her mother had decided to go off and have her pups on her own!
In Jasmine's second litter, sired by Ch Greenwards Latin Boy of Kirkton and born in 1973 a bitch was kept called Garbank Charming Cindy. At the last Scottish Kennel Club Show held in the Kelvin Hall, Glasgow in 1974 Jasmine at her first Championship Show won the Reserve CC and Cindy won both Puppy and Junior Bitch. The Dog CC and BOB was Ch Camrose Cabus Christopher and the Bitch CC was Sh Ch Camrose Matilda, as it happens the sire and dam of Ch Camrose Fabius Tarquin, who was later mated to Cindy with such success. Cindy went on to become the first title-holder carrying the Garbank affix - Sh Ch Garbank Charming Cindy.
Far and away the most successful of her progeny was Ch and Irish Ch Garbank Special Edition of Lislone owned by Kate. "Danny" was by Ch Camrose Fabius Tarquin and his record can be seen on his page.
A Tarquin daughter, who was out of a Christopher daughter, was bought in. She was to become the second of the Champions - Sh Ch Braydan Classic of Garbank.
A Cindy daughter out of Ch Brierford Briar of Bessram was mated to a Ch Davern Figaro son Camrose Moritz of Braydan. A daughter from this mating, Garbank Golden Oriole, was mated to a Christopher son  and produced Ch Bethrob Bracken. He was owned by Jim's first wife but campaigned to his title mostly by Jim. Jim also trained him to the gun. He took his Gundog Qualifier for his full title at a real Field Trial!
The present day dogs of both Garbank and Lislone all go back to Cindy. Our breeding is very much based on the bloodlines of Ch & Ir Ch Garbank Special Edition of Lislone and Ch Bethrob Bracken.
There have been, up to now, six Junior Warrant winners plus fifteen Champions in various countries which carry the Garbank affix, plus several others who have won CC's and one in Sweden Garbank Scotch Mist who has his 3 CC's but needed a field qualification for his title. Others carrying the bloodlines have had a big influence in the countries to which they were exported .