National Dog Tattoo Register

  Hessonite (Leather and cord show leads we can recommend)

  Golden Retriever Breed Council (UK)

   The Golden Retriever Club (UK)

    Darrowby Goldens(USA)

  Karvin Goldens (Finland)

  Moondust Goldens (Netherlands)

  Hellacious Acres

  Westlow Goldens (Ireland)

    Kennel Waterloo (Norway)       

   Xanthous Goldens (Netherlands)

  Butterfly Goldens (Poland)

  Kennel Begora (Norway)  

  Ducado de Espinosa (Spain)

   Fiveshill (Netherlands)

  Nohills (Belgium)

   Of Dukes Place (Netherlands)

  Filone (Finland)

   Kennel Finngreen (Finland)

  Stanwell (Germany)

   Anshada ( N Ireland)

  Sunrise Queen's Golden Retrievers ( Finland )

   Fabio Golden Erinor     

  Whitehills Golden Retrievers

   Barking Mad Clothing Co (All in One waterproof dog coats)Recommended)

  Bearhard Golden Retrievers

  Theresa Family of Golden  

  I call your name    

  Tramin Golden Retrievers ( Ukraine )

    Dry Dog Coats   ( Recommended)

    Camusdarach Golden Retriever

    Fit and Fertile   (Recommended) A.I. Frozen and chilled semen.   Puppy supplement for new borns. and other great supplements.

    Gundog Field Trial clothes and Field Trial accesseries  Field Sports Review

    David Barnes  fitted Dog Cages  --Not recommended. Read small print which is not supplied at time of order. Postage for mistakes made by him is your responsibility not his!   ( We found out to our cost!)