Jim and Kate Crosbie                      
 We are both deeply involved in the breed as breeders, exhibitors and judges. Kate's affix was Lislone and Jim's was Garbank and in 1994  we became partners in both affixes. See the history pages about the affixes and other pages about our breeding and achievements in the show ring. As regards judging we both judge the breed at Championship Show level in Ireland and U.K. and have judged extensively abroad. We have judged in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Rep.,Ukraine,Estonia,France,Slovakia,Slovenia,Poland,Russia (Belgarod),Luxemburg,Austria and New Zealand, Iceland, Lithuania. Petersburg . We are also both approved by The Irish Kennel Club to award CAC/CACIB in all Gundogs in Groups 7 and 8. and the Groups which we have judge all over Europe, Iceland , Lithuania, New Zealand , Australia Ukraine,Estonia, Finalnd, Sweden and Norway.
Jim is retired from Judging in 2013 but Kate continues to Judge.
Garbank /Lislone lines now go back 8 generations in some of our pedigrees.

Since we have been together we have bred  11 Champions.(some are Multi Champions.)
We thank all their owners for campagning them to their titles.

 -one UK Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch.,- one UK Sh Ch/Ned/Ger/VDH Ch,- two Irish Sh Ch. , one Finnish Ch., one Canadian Ch.,one Portugese/Gibraltan Ch. and one Polish Champion.  Romanian/Ukainian Garbank  ,Russian Ch  , Fin/Est Ch ,

We have also won three CACIB with our own dogs, Ir Sh Ch Lislone Kallum and Lislone Garbank Look Me Over who continues to win in Ireland and U.K. and has 2 CACIB.

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